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Far Cry 5: trailers, release date, news and features


Need your fix of open-world anarchy? Far Cry 5 is going to have it in spades.
Update: TechRadar has recently had the chance to go hands on with Far Cry 5 from the very beginning. Make sure you read below to find out what we thought and check out our quick summary of new features you might have missed!
If you’re an Amazon Prime customer you might be interested in watching the short half hour film for Far Cry 5 called Inside Eden’s Gate which follows three vloggers who attempt to infiltrate the cult and escape to tell the world what’s happening. It’s a great pre-cursor to the game.
We’ve also been chatting to the game’s development team. Interested to hear about the development of the game from the creative director himself? Check our interview with Dan Hay. Interested in the game’s narrative, characters and the freedom you can expect to have? We also had some time with the game’s lead writer Drew Holmes.
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Far Cry 5 is the latest game in Ubisoft’s chaotic first-person open world shooter franchise and thus far it’s looking like it may be the most controversial title to date.
Following on from the prehistoric and unexpected Far Cry Primal, Far Cry 5 is returning players to the modern day, this time in America. Specifically, a rural area known as Hope County, Montana.
Hope County has been taken over by a cult of religious fanatics and the game tasks the player with liberating the residents of Hope County and restoring peace and order to the area. Using violence. Cut to the chase What is it? The next installment in the open world first-person shooter franchise What can I play it on? PS4, Xbox One and PC When can I play it? March 27 2018 Far Cry 5 preview
Recently TechRadar had the chance to attend an event dedicated to Far Cry 5 where we were able to go hands-on with the first few hours of the game. Prior to this event, any opportunity we’d had to play Far Cry had involved being dropped into the game at a point a few hours into the story and while we enjoyed the gameplay, we were left curious as to how Far Cry 5’s main antagonist, Joseph Seed, would be portrayed in-game.
Far Cry is a series known for its antagonists, after all. Now that we’ve had the chance to play the game from the start we can happily say that Joseph Seed may be the most chilling antagonist yet and this might be the series’ most mature story.
Far Cry 5’s opening segment is one which leaves a lasting impression and perfectly sets up the atmosphere of fear in Hope County, the power and reach of The Project at Eden’s Gate, and the menacing threat that is The Father and his family.
Getting off to a strong start
The game opens with you, a rookie deputy, in a helicopter with your fellow officers and a US Marshall. The US Marshall has a warrant for the arrest of cult leader, Joseph Seed, and you’re all gathered together to bring him in. For some reason night has been deemed the best time to do this – great for atmosphere, terrible in terms of practicality.
Landing in the cult compound you make your way through the ramshackle community and aggressive cult members to reach a church, inside which you find a shirtless Seed (as appears to be his wont) preaching to his followers.
The exchange that follows is tense, with Seed telling your group that “God won’t let you take [him]” while his family stands silent behind him and his followers crowd around, waiting for any hint that Seed may ask them to attack. Instead he comes quietly and your sense of unease only increases.
It’s you that presses ‘X’ to slap the cuffs on Seed, you that presses ‘X’ to take him by the shoulder and lead him to the helicopter. It all feels intensely personal and it’s here where you can see the decision to make the protagonist of the game a silent and relatively blank slate is a good one.
No words needed
With a story and setting as potentially inflammatory as this, it makes sense to give the player complete freedom to project their own feelings and reactions onto their avatar. A protagonist who reacts in a particular way could be seen to be pushing a message or moralising or making a value judgement – this completely removes that issue. This time it’s you in the world of Far Cry – there’s no protagonist and their story separating you from the game world and it works.
After this sequence chaos breaks out as you’ve been able to sense it will from the moment the helicopter landed. We won’t go into any details with regards to what happens because we want you to be able to enjoy this opening sequence for yourself – it’s one of the best we’ve seen in a while.
After this, Far Cry 5 the game begins and you’ll find yourself back in pretty familiar territory. As far as mechanics and overall gameplay are concerned, this is very much the Far Cry experience we’re familiar with. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a bad things and Far Cry 5 does what it does extremely well: the weapons are varied, firing them is extremely satisfying, movement around the game world is seamless and enjoyable.
Something we were pretty glad to see the back of was towers (there’s a funny reference to their prevalence in previous games in one of your first missions). Instead, finding new locations in the game and opening up the map is a far more organic experience while still feeling very familiarly Far Cry.
A more organic experience
To find new places you can, of course, simply come across them while you’re exploring or pick up maps when you find them. But you can also talk to the characters that populate the game world and use the gossip and stories they offer you to find out more about where you may be needed. Because of this they feel less like static (and fairly useless) NPCs waiting to give you information and more like they’re living the game world.
Far Cry 5’s narrative is a lot more organic too. While it’s a linear story, the way you move through it is completely up to you thanks to the introduction of resistance points.
The game world is split into three regions – each with its own leading cult member and resistance meter. To the rugged north lies Jacob Seed and his military operations, to the east by the river is Faith Seed with her Bliss and workforces, and to the open plains of the south west is John Seed and his reapers.
You can enter the regions in any order, move back and forth between them as you please and complete any missions you like in those regions. On the surface this an almost galling amount of freedom that could make it impossible to progress through the main story in a timely way. Fortunately, pretty much every action you take in the game has an impact on your resistance points.
Rescue civilians, destroy cult property, liberate outposts or complete main story missions – all of these actions will catch the attention of the cult leader in that region and increase your resistance points. As your resistance points increase, so does the aggressiveness of the cult members in the region. Eventually they’ll come looking for you and when the meter reaches full, the cult leader for the region will come after you for themselves
We liked this approach not only because it feels natural but because it means that nothing in the game world feels pointless. There may be icons spattered across a map but all of them allow you to work through what appears to be an engaging main story. Unfortunately not feeling pointless doesn’t cancel out the risk that these missions will feel repetitive.
Bears for hire
Something we made frequent use of was the guns/fangs for hire function. Across the game world you’ll find random NPCs you can recruit to your cause as well as more prominent game characters with specific skills and storylines to follow. There are those who specialise in stealth like Jess, or pilots like Nick – whatever play style you like there’ll be a character that works well with it.
These characters are varied not just in terms of skill but in personality and background. They’re entertaining and their storylines can be serious and heartbreaking or madcap palate cleansers. This does create some tonal tension that doesn’t always sit well, though – there are some truly horrific and brutal sights in Far Cry 5 and we winced more than once at things we saw. To go from walking past hanging and crucified bodies to taking part in some wild stunt driving missions feels somewhat wrong. It breaks up the doom and gloom, certainly, but it undermines the threat of the cult and the tragedy of what’s happening.
We were told before our session started that as well as Boomer the dog, players can also recruit Cheeseburger the diabetic bear to their side. We tried our hardest to get to the bear before our play session was up but unfortunately we were unsuccessful – we did however find a bobblehead likeness of him in a lumber mill which will have to tide us over for now. We will befriend that bear, though he is yet another example of some tonal dissonance.
As we mentioned before, the protagonist in Far Cry 5 is intended to be you which means there is some character creation involved. For the first time you can choose your sex and the basics of your appearance which includes skin tone, hair color and style, clothing and basic face shape. It’s not an overly complicated character creation system but it’s neat and satisfying.
Far Cry 5 is a game that gets off to a thrilling start and while the freedom it offers from the get-go can feel somewhat overwhelming it’s very thrilling. It just remains to be seen whether it can maintain that momentum over a longer period and stave off mission fatigue. Far Cry 5 trailers
At its PlayStation Showcase at Paris Games Week 2017, Sony showed off a brand new trailer for the game focusing around its co-op gameplay. It looks like the multiplayer mode will preserve every bit of the mayhem of single-player, allowing you to play through the whole campaign with a friend.
You can watch the trailer in its entirety below, or read on for everything else we know about the game – including more details on that co-op gameplay.
At last year’s Ubisoft E3 conference, we were treated to two new trailers for Far Cry 5, one of which featured more controversial and thematically-revealing cinematics, while the other depicted actual gameplay. You can watch both of them for yourself below:
Our first look at Far Cry 5 came on Monday, May 22 when Ubisoft dropped the first teaser trailer for the game.
The 40-second trailer didn’t offer much of an idea of when the game is going to be set, but it did tell us where: Hope County Montana. Far Cry 5 release date
After a small delay we know the game will be available from March 27 2018.
News and features
What’s the story?
The game will this time revolve around a religious cult in the USA called The Project, which rises up to take control of the town of Hope County when your character arrives in town.

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