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Fortnite Hoverboard: How to Unlock and Will It Come to Battle Royale?


We detail everything you need to know about the Fortnite Hoverboard from how to unlock it and will it come to Battle Royale.
The Fortnite Hoverboard is one of the first major vehicles to make an appearance in the popular game. Unfortunately, for players that enjoy the Battle Royale PvP portion of the game, it is currently only relegated to the Save the World PvE section. This is sad news considering you do have to purchase the full game to play Save the World.
The Fortnite Hoverboard allows players to zip around the world in classic Back to the Future -style, a fun way to implement vehicles that isn’t a copy-and-paste of PUBG situation. Of course, to actually utilize the Hoverboard, you must unlock it. We’ve got the details on how to unlock it and if it will come to Battle Royale.
Let’s start with how to unlock the Fortnite Hoverboard in Save the World mode. You can do this by accessing a brand new tutorial questline that grants you access to this new vehicle. To unlock the tutorial quests, you must have completed the Stonewood Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5.
Some players may be wondering if the Fortnite Hoverboard will ever come to Battle Royale. This is a tricky question with no certain answer just yet, as Epic Games hasn’t announced any vehicles for the multiplayer mode. For more on Fortnite vehicles, check this out.
As for the Fortnite Hoverboard specifically, there is some evidence that it is certainly a possibility in the coming future. Epic Games is committed to releasing consistent content updates like new weapons, so we can see vehicles like the Hoverboard happening in the near future.
Epic has previously stated it wants to accommodate vehicles to the smaller map size of Fortnite compared to PUBG, so we think the Fortnite Hoverboard is a great way to do that. Keep it locked here for more info on vehicles in Fortnite.
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