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Fortnite Player Gets Insane Midair Sniper Kill to Win Game


Fortnite player SaproFX pulls off an insane midair sniper kill at the end of a recent match and manages to earn his team a Victory Royale in the process.
Since Fortnite‘s increasingly popular battle royale mode launched last year, players have been able to pull off some incredible feats. Recently, Fortnite player SaproFX was able to add some of his gameplay to the game’s growing list of memorable moments, as he was able to pick off an enemy in midair with an incredibly unlikely sniper shot.
As can be seen in the clip below, SaproFX and his teammate made it to the very end of the match. The circle was about as small as it could be, with the storm closing in around them. Their only opponent remaining decided to build platforms in the sky to try to avoid a direct confrontation, but SaproFX was able to destroy the structure, sending the enemy hurtling back down to Earth.
It was then that SaproFX was able to pull off one of the most impressive sniper kills we’ve seen in the game. What makes it even more impressive is that it’s the kill that earned his squad an ever elusive Victory Royale. Check it out right here:
SaproFX’s game-winning midair sniper kill is definitely one of the most impressive feats we’ve seen in Fortnite so far, but other players have pulled off incredible kills as well. In fact, just last week professional gamer BullNizzle managed to snipe his opponent while riding on a rocket. And as is the case with SaproFX’s kill, BullNizzle’s kill actually capped off the match and earned his team a Victory Royale.
As Epic Games and People Can Fly continue to add new content to Fortnite, the opportunity for impressive new kills grows. For example, a jetpack is being added to the game that will give players a new way to traverse the map and put themselves in a better position to take out any opponents that may be trying to hide.
Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early access.

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