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New AMD Radeon Graphics Driver for Final Fantasy XV – Get Build 18.3.1


The current update improves performance for Final Fantasy XV, Warhammer: Vermintide II, and DOTA 2 titles
According to AMD, this 18.3.1 update resolves issues with the Radeon Chill hotkey, fixes the Sea of Thieves intermittent hangs or crashes during gameplay, corrects Middle-earth: Shadow of War texture flickering, and as make sure World Of Tanks doesn’t experience color corruptions.
However, the update might still encounter a few issues when playing Destiny 2 or Final Fantasy XV, as well as with Radeon Overlay and Radeon Settings. Also, take into account that 12 GPU configurations might hang if used for compute workloads for an extended period.
Regarding compatibility, there are four downloadable packages suitable for both desktops and notebooks running under one of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 10 OSes, as well as a minimal setup utility that automatically downloads and installs the required files.
Last but not least, once finished, don’t forget to perform a reboot to allow all changes to take effect properly. If this is not requested automatically by the wizard, it would be a good idea to carry it out manually.

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