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Nintendo Switch Is Not Reseting Play Times as Feared


It turns out that it’s just a regular glitch
The Nintendo Switch has a nifty little feature that shows just how much you’ve played a specific game. It’s not something new or revolutionary as the PC has had this exact feature for many years now. But it turns out that Nintendo Switch fans really like to know how much time they’ve spent in a certain title, and it can even be a badge of honor.
In any case, users have noticed that the play times for games are being reset, at a time that also coincides with the one-year anniversary of the console. As you can imagine, this has caused quite a stir in the community and some drama.
After the community did a little digging and according to a report on Gamespot, it turns out that the play times are not actually being reset. Nintendo Force Magazine, a Nintendo fan publication revealed on Twitter that the play times just disappear for ten days.
Ten days also happens to be the time it takes for the play time to be counted and shown in the first place, so it’s not something that can get people worried. Nintendo also recognized that it’s a small issue and it’s very likely that it will be fixed soon.
The good news is that this small bug doesn’t affect anything else related to the game, like saves for example. The time stamps for saves are shown correctly so users can rest easy.
It’s interesting to see how such a small feature that wouldn’t be noticed otherwise is causing such as stir in the gaming community. It took something to go wrong to get people to talk about it. In any case, Nintendo Switch is powering through, and it looks like the console managed to steer clear of other problems so far.

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