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Windows 10 Mobile Says Goodbye to the Official Formula 1 App


Yet another important app pulled from the Store
Such an example is the official Formula 1 app, which has recently removed support for Windows devices, including Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobile phones.
In this case, however, the whole thing happened without an official announcement, and according to reports, support for Windows was dropped in January when the parent company updated the Formula 1 app for iOS and Android for the 2018 season.
The app, which can no longer be found in the Microsoft Store without a direct link, can no longer be downloaded and installed on Windows devices, with a message reading “Formula 1 is currently not available” displayed to users.
The bigger problem is that some Windows 10 users purchased F1 access to unlock and access premium features, and the demise of the app pretty much means they won’t be available to benefit from the extra functionality.
Formula One Digital Media Limited, the makers of the app, is yet to comment on the app support it offers for Windows 10, but more information should be provided soon, especially because paying customers can no longer access premium content.
On the other hand, Formula 1 isn’t the first and it certainly isn’t the last app pulled from the Microsoft Store, especially given that Microsoft itself confirmed it’s no longer committed to Windows 10 Mobile.
Unfortunately, PCs running Windows 10 seem to be just collateral damage in some cases, as a number of developers decide to abandon not only Windows phones, but the whole Windows platform, pulling their apps from the Microsoft Store entirely.

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