In its 19th installment, Coachella is still the home of the best festival fashion on the planet.
Coachella began its 2018 edition in Indio, California this weekend, celebrating its 19th installment on the polo fields. And though the lineup is predictably stacked — bolstered by headliners Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Eminem along with the likes of Cardi B, SZA, St. Vincent, and Fleet Foxes — everyone knows that the music is only a part of the festivities. Coachella has also become a lifestyle brand, with clothing lines rolling out collections both inspired by the desert event and hoping to be donned by the attendees. Even those that don’t explicitly say they are marketing to Coachella tease their customers with “spring desert festival attire” or the like.
The result is one of the most fashionable places on the planet, where concertgoers dress to impress, knowing that Coachella’s gorgeous scenery and titanic art installations will make for plenty of photo opportunities. The clothing is often functional as well, operating well in the intense heat that the setting can bring. In 2018, the flower crown is giving way to face glitter, but nothing in particular felt like it was being overused to the point of parody. As you will see in the gallery below, Coachella’s festival fashion is still going strong, and these best-dressed folks are a big part of that.

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