A fan favorite weekly activity from Destiny is making its return in Destiny 2 with a bit of a new spin, including new strike and crucible game modes.
Destiny 2 fans have stumbled upon an interesting new series of posts on Bungie’s website that hint at the return of a popular weekly activity from Destiny. It seems that Arms Day from Destiny is making its way to Destiny 2, with a new spin on it. Arms Day is now Armsweek, which will focus on restricting player loadouts for the chance at new rewards.
The posts list three different Armsweek Nightfall strikes which will limit loadouts so players can earn masterwork catalyst progression for three different exotics in Destiny 2. Running the Armsweek Arms Dealer strike will earn players the catalyst for The Prospector grenade launcher. Both Rat King and Hard Light’s catalysts seem to drop from the Armsweek Savathun’s Song strike, though they will be on different weeks.
All three of these exotics were buffed as part of the exotic weapon changes that came along with Warmind. Rat King’s buff caused a glitch which granted too much power ammo, so it was disabled for a time.
Alongside these weekly Nightfall challenges, there also seems to be a new strike mode that will limit loadouts as well. Crucible is also receiving a locked-loadout playlist, though there is no indication as to what the rewards are for these new playlists.
This string of events may be tied to the upcoming summer update, which is set to launch sometime in July and includes a new Solstice of Heroes seasonal event. The prestige versions of both raid lairs will also launch alongside this update, as well as bounties and year one triumph milestones.
It’s good to see more new content making its way to Destiny 2 to fill the gap between Warmind and the September expansion. Alongside the Solstice of Heroes event and the new Crucible Labs game mode, players should hopefully have enough content to last until the launch of whatever Bungie has planned for the next chapter of Destiny 2.
Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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