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Destiny 2 Expansion Warmind Details: Escalation Protocol Event, Loot, and More


Bungie have released details on the new Destiny 2 expansion, Warmind. The end-game event for the Warmind expansion, Escalation Protocol, will include new loot and looks to improve on Curse of Osiris.
Bungie has released new details about the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion Warmind. There’s more info on the Escalation Protocol endgame event, and what to expect from loot when the content drops next week. The team has also opened up about what they’ve learned from the public response to Curse of Osiris.
We’ve already covered the basics of Warmind, but in an interview with Playstation. Blog, Escalation Protocol’s Design Lead Ben Wommack revealed that the event will be a free roam event at the new Destination on Mars, the Hellas Basin. Escalation Protocol will feature in both of the location’s public zones. Exploring Hellas Basin allows for 3-person fireteams, and a maximum of 9 players.
Players should expect armor, vanity items, and weapons with new perks all unique to the Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol event, that will be available as rewards alongside normal public event awards. While weapons and vanity items will reportedly be farmable, unique armor pieces will be earned weekly in-order until the whole set is completed.
Bungie have also used the reception of Destiny 2 ‘s first expansion Curse of Osiris to try and improve Escalation Protocol. Players felt that the Mercury Destination felt too small and that progress when exploring was lacking. Wannock said, “We took those lessons to heart with the Hellas Basin Destination… The event will send you all around the zone it’s triggered in, summoning intensely challenging waves in varied encounter spots.”
In terms of difficulty, Escalation Protocol will be endgame through and through. “Expect a challenge which will demand max-level gear, the right strategies from your fireteam, and top-level play to succeed with just the three of you,” Wannock said. With the event taking place in a public zone, Bungie are hoping that multiple fireteams will work together regularly.
With Curse of Osiris’s mixed reception, it’ll be interesting to see if Bungie have learned enough to make this new expansion an improvement in the eyes of their players. Destiny 2: Warmind is due to launch May 8. You can preorder it here for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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