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Star Wars Day: Top 25 Characters Revealed


Jar Binks is apparently more popular than Kylo Ren.
A strong, some say despotic, ruler cracking down on numerous rebels with an iron fist, flanked by their obsequious-yet-ineffectual cabinet of flunkies. Obviously, there are no similarities between the Star Wars films and the prime ministership of Margaret Thatcher.
Except… perhaps there is. Thatcher took office in the U. K. back in 1979. The Conservative Party ran an advert to mark the occasion (May 4) that simply read: “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.” And thus a pun—riffing on the classic Star Wars catchphrase “may The Force be with you”—was born.
Into the 21st century, and the pun had a new burst of life on a Luke Skywalker Facebook fan page in 2008. It proved so popular, May 4 was officially celebrated as Star Wars Day for the first time three years later in Toronto, Canada.
Disney (who bought the rights to Star Wars in 2012) hold celebrations each year at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
The official Star Wars website advertises promotional deals and discounts on products such as backpacks, water bottles and watches at various U. S. retail chains.
At the end of 2017, Morning Consultant polled more than 2,000 people and asked several questions, including which Star Wars movies impressed them and, more importantly, which characters.
Unsurprisingly, the original trilogy were the most favored movies, followed by the most recent two ( Episode VII and Episode VIII). The least popular of the eight films was Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
But what about characters? People were asked which of those heroes and villains from a galaxy far away they thought of favorably. Again, the most popular were all from the original trilogy.

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