Chase Bishop, 29, an FBI agent who accidentally shot a man early June 2 while retrieving his gun after it fell on the dance floor as he performed a backflip at a Denver, Colorado, bar, has turned himself in on an assault charge, police say.
An FBI agent who accidentally shot a man after losing his gun doing a backflip June 2 at a Denver bar now faces second-degree assault charges.
Chad Bishop, 29 — who is posted to the FBI’s Washington, D. C., office — turned himself in Tuesday to Denver police on the charge, reported KDVR. Police had initially released Bishop to an FBI supervisor while awaiting toxicology results before deciding whether to charge him.
In a bystander video obtained by KMGH, Bishop, who was off-duty at the time, can be seen dancing at 12:45 a.m. June 2 at Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar as onlookers crowd around, smiling and laughing.
But as Bishop performs a backflip, a handgun falls from his waistband holster onto the dance floor. He scrambles for the gun, which fires as he picks it up.
Bishop quickly holsters his gun as some patrons flee and others appear shocked and confused. He then walks off the dance floor with his hands up.
Thomas Reddington, 24, who was hit by the bullet in the leg, told “Good Morning America” on Thursday that he was still confused by the incident.
“I heard a loud bang and I thought some idiot set off a firecracker,” Reddington told the show. “Then I looked down at my leg and see some brown residue… I’m still thinking it’s a firework… all of a sudden from the knee down my leg became completely red. And that’s when it clicked in my head, ‘Oh, I’ve been shot.’ “
Reddington told “Good Morning America” that he asked for someone to call 911 before blacking out. Fellow club-goers applied a tourniquet to his leg.
“I soaked through several blankets, several towels, a few gauze pads,” Reddington told the show. The bar later offered Reddington complimentary drinks for life.

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