A report from Korea media claims that the upcoming Galaxy S10 will have a display that will act as an earpiece too
Increasing the screen-to-body ratio of a smartphone is no easy feat and tech giants like Samsung understand that they will have to think of something other than the display notch. A new report originating from Korea has alleged that Samsung is going to introduce a technology which would allow the display to function as an earpiece too. This technology might be commercialized with the Galaxy S10.
Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8 Plus were impressive bezel-less phones, and it got even better with Galaxy S9 in terms of specifications and not from a design ‘point of view’. However, to increase the screen-to-body ratio Samsung would have to think out of the box. Some manufacturers have taken the straightforward route of housing components such as the front camera and earpiece in the notch and stretching the panel to the top edge. However, Samsung is going to eliminate the earpiece instead, as per the latest report from ET News.
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The report says that Samsung is all set to commercialize this OLED technology next year and the first device will have a 6.2-inch panel which coincidentally is what the size of the Galaxy S10’s display is expected to be. The display will use bone conduction and vibration to broadcast sound in the 100 – 8000Hz range and it will be possible to hear the sound only when the top half of the display is placed next to the ear.
This claim is not just a mere rumor because Samsung showcased this ‘Sound integrated into display’ technology last month at the Society of Information Displays conference. Some smartphone manufacturers, such as Vivo, have already used this technology for smartphones.
This inclusion of this technology will still not make the Galaxy S10 completely bezel-less as space would be needed to fit the iris scanner and the front camera. It might also have a 3D sensing camera, so there might be a teeny tiny bezel at the top. However, eliminating the earpiece would surely allow Samsung to push the display further to the top.
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Source: ET News

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