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CNN: Trump Is Racist For Saying Omarosa Was Fired Like A 'Dog'


CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin said that Donald Trump is racist for calling disgruntled ex-White House employee Omarosa a “dog.”
In a segment Tuesday morning, CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin said President Trump is racist for calling disgruntled ex-White House employee Omarosa Manigault Newman a “low life” and a “dog.”
Omarosa, who was fired from the White House last year for reportedly abusing car service privileges, among other things, has been leveraging what she says are audio recordings of conversations she had with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and the president himself to get airtime and promote her “tell-all book” about her brief tenure at the White House.
Some fear that Omarosa may have used a pen with an attached recording device to record snippets of audio in secure White House locations, including the situation room, that prohibit the use of any recording devices or cell phones in those locations. For several days, Trump has been tweeting disparaging things about his former employee to discredit her claims.
On Thursday morning, President Trump tweeted: “Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!” in reference to Omarosa.
In response, CNN contributors and guests had a meltdown and claimed that Trump was a racist for calling her a dog — an insult he’s used for many people of all different skin colors.
“Let’s not also forget about Omarosa, she’s an African-American woman,” Toobin said. “Who does the president attack on Twitter constantly? African Americans.”
“Whether it’s the UCLA basketball team, whether it’s the NFL football players, whether it’s our colleague Don Lemon, LeBron James, it’s always black people that he’s attacking,” he continued. “Not exclusively, but to a disproportionate extent, he’s attacking black people.”
“The tweet today, calling Omarosa today, is part of that,” he said.
Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) insisted that Trump’s tweet was racist as well.
“The president of the United States is calling a woman of color a dog,” she said. “How dare he! How dare he call anyone a dog!”
She then went on to take a swipe at the president with this odd insult: “He has a nickname for everyone, and his nickname is ‘Don In The First Grade Reader.’”
Trump has called numerous people a dog or said they had been fired like a dog, including David Gregory, Steve Bannon, Erick Erickson, Rick Tyler, Glenn Beck, Chuck Todd, and Bill Maher.
He has also called Kristen Stewart a dog for reportedly cheating on her then-boyfriend and costar Rob Patterson, as well as Mitt Romney, George Will, David Axelrod, and Mac Miller, all of whom are, in fact, white. You can read a more complete list of people Trump has called a dog on Twitter here and here.

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