It was only a few days ago when Nova Launcher released the first version of its 6.0 beta. Now, a new update has been released, beta 2, that doesn’t bring anything new, but does fix some bugs.
Third-party launchers are a great option if you want to customize the look and feel of Android. Nova Launcher is one of the more well-known options, and it has released a new update for its version 6.0 beta.
Beta 2 doesn’t really add anything but it does offer bug fixes which might have arrived with the introduction of beta 1. Nova Launcher version 6.0-beta1, was released towards the beginning of the week, offering new features and settings options. You can check out the full list down below.
If you want to mess around with the beta version, you’ll have to opt-in, by registering on the developer’s website. Once registered, you’ll be able to download the latest beta version from the Google Play Store or if you want, you can download the APK directly.
Source: Cliff Wade (Google+)

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