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Smash Bros. Ultimate Getting Limited Edition Switch Pro Controller


Coinciding with the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7, Nintendo is releasing a limited edition Pro Controller bundled with a special edition of the game.
Super Smash Bros. is a staple of competitive gaming and one of Nintendo’s most celebrated franchises, which makes the latest installment’s fast-approaching release that much more reason to celebrate. Coinciding with the launch of Smash Bros. Ultimate this December, Nintendo is releasing a limited edition Smash Bros.-themed Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch.
The official Smash Bros. website was recently updated with images that seem to suggest a special edition will be available on the December 7th release day, bundled with the limited edition Smash Bros. Pro Controller and a special steelbook case for the cartridge. Also featured on the Smash Bros. Ultimate page are pre-order links for a special edition Smash Bros. Gamecube Controller and Controller Adapter, both arriving “Holiday 2018.”
Surely proponents of the Gamecube controller as the only viable option for playing Smash Bros. will grimace, however the Switch Pro Controller shouldn’t be overlooked. The Xbox-style wireless controller is ergonomic and feels substantial in the hands, built with a noticeable durability, although it is undeniably pricey at $70 retail. The upcoming Smash Bros. limited edition Pro Controller will hopefully cost the same as the standard version, although pricing has yet to be confirmed.
For those who plan on sticking with the tried-and-true Gamecube controller through the Switch generation, there are a few options on the market. As mentioned earlier, Nintendo’s official Smash Bros.-themed Gamecube controller is currently available for pre-order through Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon. That can be paired with Nintendo’s Gamecube Controller adapter that allows four Gamecube controllers to be connected to the Switch. Alternatively, Hori has three versions of their own Gamecube controller, which will connect to any of the Switch’s three USB ports and thus won’t require an adapter.
Whatever one’s controller choice may be, it seems Nintendo is going all out in preparation for one of the year’s most anticipated releases and most likely one of the Switch’s best-selling titles. Smash Bros. Ultimate captivated audiences during E3 by revealing several enticing details as well as an epic 25-minute gameplay trailer.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set for release on December 7 along with the limited edition Smash Bros. Switch Pro Controller.

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