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The first player to hit Battle for Azeroth’s level cap did it in just over four hours


Method Gingi was the first player to hit max level in the new World of Warcraft expansion, and he did it nearly two hours faster than anyone else.
A World of Warcraft player has already claimed the title of the world’s first to hit the level cap in Battle for Azeroth, just hours after the game’s newest expansion launched.
A player known as Gingi managed to hit 120, the game’s max level, in just four hours and 17 minutes. This is something that took closer to six or seven hours for other fast players thus far, putting Gingi and his group of two others in the lead by almost a full two hours.
While many past world’s-first races were won through exploits, like certain enemies giving too much XP or a certain type of reward being too high, this one was gained almost exclusively through well planned and executed questing.
The members of Gingi’s group — a name the group will have forever now, since Gingi happened to be the one to get to level 120 first — all had a few quests stored up and ready to turn in as soon as the expansion launched. Then they were off to the races, sprinting through the Horde side of the Battle for Azeroth questing experience.
It’s clear that Gingi — who raids with Method, one of World of Warcraft ’s best guilds and frequently the first in the world to finish new raids — put quite a bit of preparation into his quest to hit the maximum level first. He not only had a perfectly planned path, but was also playing on a alternate character, a Druid who could give him more movement speed than the Hunter that he normally plays. With all this extra effort, it’s no wonder he was the world’s first to 120. But hitting max level nearly two hours ahead of most players is really going the extra mile.

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