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Google will not be releasing its own Wear OS watch this year


In a bit of a surprise turn, Google confirmed today that it will be releasing a Wear OS watch this year. The company will instead focus on the OS and will be supporting Wear OS partners.
Those that were hoping that a Wear OS watch made by Google will be arriving soon, will most likely be disappointed, as the company has now confirmed that it will not be releasing a watch this year. The company cited its reason, stating that it wanted to create a quality product to showcase the OS, much like its Pixel devices with Android, and it also didn’t have a design that would favorably accommodate everyone.
News of a Google-made Wear OS watches spread like wildfire a few months back, with reports stating that it had three watches in the pipeline. Unfortunately, now we know that those watches will not come to fruition this year. So the question is, what will Google do instead? It looks like the firm will focus its efforts on improving the software, which quite frankly, sounds like a better idea. Google has shown time and time again that its strength lies in software and services, not in hardware.
Although wearables are a niche market, companies have continued to produce new watches. In order to perhaps renew interest in the product category, Google rebranded Android Wear to Wear OS. It also tightened up some processes to improve app quality. The company more recently updated the platform, bringing an improved design, making it easier to navigate to some of its core features.
While Google will not have a watch of its own, there will be no shortage of wearable Wear OS products offered by other companies.
Source: Tom’s Guide

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