If you like the Razer Phone 2 but aren’t a fan of the utilitarian all-black look, a clear Razer Phone 2 is coming soon.
Razer’s iconic design language is not for the faint of heart. Edgy, sharp, utilitarian, Razer design is very easily recognized. But Razer products have always typically been black. That monochrome attitude looks to finally be changing though, with the company announcing a limited edition “mercury white” Blade 15 gaming laptop. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll also be seeing a Razer Phone 2 with a clear glass back.
Clear-backed phones have become increasingly popular since YouTube durability testing channel JerryRigEverything first started peeling the paint off the inside of glass-backed phones in 2015. Following the reception of subsequent videos, it wasn’t long before we started seeing them roll off the production lines of smartphone manufacturers including HTC and Xiaomi.
A transparent Razer Phone 2 actually seems like a great fit, allowing Razer to maintain its rugged and functional design while adding some visual differentiation through visible internals. The Razer Phone 2 already appeals to a pretty specialist audience, and a transparent Razer Phone 2 will only sweeten the deal. Razer has, however, been clear in its messaging that the Razer Phone 2 is just as much of a flagship as it is a gaming phone.
It’s uncertain when the clear Razer Phone 2 will make an appearance, whether it will cost any more or have a different internal configuration, but its existence has been confirmed by the company. It’s also unclear (pun intended) if it will be a fully transparent back or a translucent backing like we’ve seen on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition and both the HTC U11 Plus and U12 Plus.
Would you prefer a clear-backed Razer Phone 2? Or is black the way to go?

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