Need some protection for your new iPhone XR? Here’s a bunch of top cases to check out, all of them compatible with wireless charging.
Get started on picking the perfect iPhone XR case that will protect your investment — and be compatible with wireless charging. Yes, all the cases in the roundup let you charge your iPhone XR wirelessly.
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Editors’ note: This gallery will be regularly updated with new cases. We’ve included UK and Australian pricing where available.
The claim to fame of Speck’s Stay Clear Presidio case ($40, £20) is that it stays clear and doesn’t turn yellow over time, like many cheaper clear cases do. Why? It’s infused with a special coating to keep the oil from your skin from penetrating it. And it’s tough, drop-tested to 8 feet.
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The OtterBox Symmetry Series is the company’s most stylish case and is both fairly slim and protective. It’s similar to Speck’s cases, which certainly influenced OtterBox’s design. The Symmetry Series comes in a variety of color options and starts at $50 ( £30, AU$75).
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I’m a fan of Speck’s Presidio Sport case, which is basically a tougher version of Apple’s Silicone case and has a similar soft-touch finish that’s nice and grippy. Speck calls it a “no-slip grip.”
For some folks, the Sport was a little bulky, so Speck decided to make the Presidio Pro, which is essentially a standard Presidio case with its no-slip grip. Like the Sport it has Microban antimicrobial technology, which is supposed to “inhibit the growth bacteria that causes stains and odors.”
It’s a little expensive at $40 ( £20), but it is one of the best iPhone XR cases out there.
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The Candyshell Fit Textured is a new case for Speck and one my favorites from the company. It comes in several color options for $30.
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One of my favorite folio cases — the OtterBox Strada — is available for the XR. It’s highly protective and has a card slot on the inside of the cover that allows you to store a single credit card and perhaps a driver’s license or some money. Handy, since Apple Pay still isn’t universally accepted yet. It costs $50 (£43 or AU$75).
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Available in a few different color options, the Presidio Sport was ostensibly designed for gym rats or people who run with their iPhones. It holds up well over time. It also feels good in your hand and isn’t too bulky for a tough case. Some people don’t like the little button that covers the mute switch — it does stick out a little — but that’s the only design gripe.
At $45 or £25, it is a little expensive. However, Apple’s Silicone case is $39, so maybe it’s not such a bad deal when you consider that it’s more protective and has that extra layer of Microban.
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Speck’s popular Grip series cases ($40, £20) come to the iPhone XR in a variety of colors. I’m partial to the dark blue.
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Speck’s Presidio range comes in a multitude of flavors, including the aforementioned Grip and Clear, as well as the new V-Grip (shown here — $40), which comes in a few different trim color options.
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This Gear4 Victoria Case is a protective translucent case that comes in several variations with different design. Its other clear cases, including the Piccadilly and Crystal Palace, are also very good. (Yes, this is a UK company.)
They all feature a lining of the company’s special D3O shock-absorbing material. The case is $40 or £30.
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We like a lot of Gear4’s cases and who wouldn’t like a case called the Battersea?
It’s lined with the company’s special D3O shock-absorbing material. The case is $45 or £35.
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Thanks to decent designs and affordable prices, Korean company Spigen has sold thousands (probably millions) of phone cases on Amazon. Its Ultra Hybrid is its simple clear case, selling for around $12 ( £10 or AU$20).
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Another popular slim case from Spigen, the Liquid Crystal is an inexpensive clear case that costs $13 ( £10 or AU$18). It’s not all that protective but it will appeal to folks who want a “barely there” slim case.
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We’re longtime fans of cases from Tech21.

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