Former President George H. W. Bush’s state funeral will be a contrast to the Trump-slapping McCain Sept. 1 service, because Bush wanted it this way.
WASHINGTON — Former President George Herbert Walker Bush’s state funeral will be held Wednesday at the majestic National Cathedral, months after mourners gathered at the same place for Sen. John McCain’s sendoff, which turned into a stinging rebuke of President Donald Trump, who was not invited to attend.
Trump, crass. Bush, class. Do I even have to say more? Trump is invited to Bush’s funeral. Illinoisans who served in the Bush 41 administration are here, former Labor Secretary Lynn Martin, an ex-Illinois House member, and Chicago attorney Sam Skinner, a former Bush chief of staff who also served as his Transportation Secretary.
Bush was “the classiest person you will ever meet,” Skinner told me. “He never, ever would want to not have all the presidents and the vice presidents there. He never held a grudge, never had a mean bone in his body. So this was obviously what he wanted and it’s the right thing to do.

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