WhatsApp is testing two interesting features. While the first one allows continuous voice message playback, the other is group calling shortcut.
WhatsApp seems to be testing some interesting features. However, the web-based instant messaging platform has not even allowed its loyal beta testing group to access or trial them. The platform wants to offer continuous playback of multiple voice messages, and deploy an easy-to-access group calling shortcut.
Developers working on WhatsApp are clearly working on two interesting features that would significantly improve functionality and make mass communication easier. Incidentally, the features or their presence has been observed within the code of the WhatsApp Beta App. However, developers seem reluctant to offer them up for trial as the features are not enabled even for the beta testers who accept the risk or running applications or software that would obviously contain some bugs or issues.
Reports circulating on the internet claim the new WhatsApp features under active consideration include the ability to playback multiple audio messages consecutively one after the other, and shortcuts to make group calls.

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