CES features the best of what’s to come in the year ahead, but many wacky concepts make their way to
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CES has always been full of wacky gadgets and half-baked concept ideas. But amid the sea of electronics were the prototypes that left us impressed at what the technology industry can and hopes to achieve. We saw this in self-driving cars, giant TV displays, and PC-related hardware. Not every technology listed below will come to market, but the possibilities do get us excited for the future.
LG Electronics stunned visitors with a massive collection of displays in its CES booth. The waterfall-like monument, dubbed LG OLED Falls, was built from 260 screens made from curved and flat panels. They were spread out across an area 65-feet wide and 20-feet high. There’s no word on how much the LG OLED Falls display might cost an interested buyer, but the concept was definitely one of the most eye-popping experiences at this year’s CES.
It’s not quite a Transformer, but Hyundai’s latest concept car proposes using robotic appendages to let the vehicle stand and walk. Called Elevate, the vehicle can climb out of a snowy ditch to place itself back on the road. The same appendages can also park the vehicle over a house’s front stairway entrance to deliver or pick up a passenger. Hyundai has all kinds of visions for how the walking vehicle can be used, including exploratory missions on Mars or the moon.
Razer showed off this prototype PC case, which features two glass panels that pop open with the help of two hydraulic arms, like a sports car. Razer incorporated these panels in the event you’re in an intense gaming session and your desktop needs the extra air ventilation. When the Tomahawk Elite will be up for sale isn’t known, but the company will launch a non-hydraulic version of the PC case later this year.

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