With Anthem just around the corner, one fan makes a chart breaking down the damage types for every Javelin suit so fans can plan for which one they will pick first.
As Anthem gets closer and closer to release, fans are pouring over all the developer commentary and videos to get the best understanding of BioWare’s highly anticipated title possible leading up to launch. One of the biggest features of the game are the four Javelin exosuits that players can wear while exploring the world. Carpeggio on Reddit went through every bit of information available for the Javelins and created a handy table breaking down the various damage types available to each suit.
Anthem will feature four different Javelins: the Ranger, the Colossus, the Storm, and the Interceptor. The Ranger is the well-rounded Javelin. According to the damage chart, the Ranger can wield nearly every element in some form, and also features a shield and buff ability.

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