It’s not just about quality
Research results Whether it’s systems-level platforms and tools or full-blown business applications, you want the software your organisation depends on to run reliably and predictably. Our recent Reg survey, however, confirmed what most probably knew from experience, or could guess from press headlines – that software-related failures are far from uncommon.
Unsurprisingly, major system failures and/or incidents leading to loss of data were top of the list when it came to the potential for damage and disruption. What also came through, though, was how much people hate it when a piece of software inflicts a constant stream of minor issues on users. Some likened this to “death by a thousand cuts”, with satisfaction and confidence ultimately undermined even though no single incident was that severe.
Such findings highlight the importance of software quality management on the part of suppliers, and the evidence suggests that many have work to do in this area.

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