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Apex Legends: Where to Get the Best Loot


Apex Legends has several tiers of powerful loot for players to pick up, and here is where players can find the best loot across the in-game map of Kings Canyon.
In Apex Legends, getting good loot is massively important to where a team places during a match of the battle royale game. Powerful weapons, armor, and medkits can all spell the difference between winning a match or coming in last.
Unlike other battle royale games such as Fortnite, where getting the best loot often depends on finding randomly spawning chests, Apex Legends‘ best loot can be found in specific sections of the game’s map. When players enter a new region on the Apex Legends map, a notification on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) will tell players the name of the area and the tier of the loot that can be found there.
Apex Legends fan Twitter TheApexBR has collected this information and has highlighted the areas for the best loot on the map.

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