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Here are the best performances of the 2019 Grammys


Cardi B, Dolly Parton, Janelle Monae, and more rock the Grammys.
Like all award shows, the Grammys are needlessly long, bloated, and self-congratulatory. But they have one thing going for them that gives them a leg up on their peers in Oscar and Emmy land: a solid half of the show is made up of live music performances. And every year, there are a few performances at the Grammys that are worth sticking around all night for.
But you don’t have to stick around: We’ll be rounding up the best performances of the night, all night long, so you can happily live your life without seeing any award show banter whatsoever and feel confident that you’re not missing anything.
Here are the best performances of the 2019 Grammy Awards, so far.
Camila Cabello kicked off the night with a high-octane and theatrically staged performance of her ubiquitous “Havana,” which felt not unpleasantly reminiscent of an audition for Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming West Side Story movie. Cabello’s Grammys vocals were more extravagant and riff-heavy than they are in the recorded version, which only added to the high-energy joyfulness of the performance, and her celebrity guests more than rose to the occasion.

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