A massive fire broke out at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in the centre of the French capital on Monday.
On Monday evening social media users started to post footage of an intense fire engulfing the medieval Catholic cathedral, Notre Dame, which is situated in the centre of Paris. The fire reportedly began at around 6:50 pm local time, according to the Paris fire department. AFP reported that the fire may have been started accidentally during renovation work underway inside the cathedral.
A Sputnik France stream of the situation showed the fire continuing to burn out of control as of 7:45 pm local time.
The Cathedral’s structure was seriously damaged by the fire. Netizens have posted a series of heartbreaking videos showing the moment the Notre Dame de Paris’ famous 300 foot spire collapsed. Local media have reported that the fire has destroyed the entire roof. Later, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the scene that the left bell tower of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has gone up in flames. He also added that firefighters are examining the interior of the right tower of the Cathedral.

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