Congress and the American people should see the Mueller Report on Thursday morning, according to AG Barr. But will it be enough to satisfy Democrats? Nope.
WASHINGTON: The Mueller Report will be released on Thursday. However, do you know what the Mueller report actually is? It seems that many of our friends on the Democrat end simply do not. But there are regulations that define the special counsel report:
One sentence that says a lot about what the Special Counsel’s report, to be released on Thursday morning:
The report is the special counsel’s conclusions as to whether alleged criminal activity is present. In this case, the alleged criminal activity was Donald Trump and/or his campaign engaged in any form of collusion with the Russians. Collusion to influence the 2016 Presidential election and/or collusion by Donald Trump, the real estate magnate, to build a Trump Tower project in Russia.
The report in its entirety is only for the Attorney General, not for members of Congress. Not one of them. No chairs of committees. No person other than the Attorney General. It is a confidential report to be delivered to the Attorney General. details what can we expect the Mueller report to cover, listing:
Most of the Mueller investigation is into what candidate and then President Donald Trump did, or did not do. For example the circumstances around Trump’s firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

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