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Meet Microsoft's new Visual Studio Online… not the same as the old Visual Studio Online


Browser-based access to hosted code environments. Plus:. NET 5 and GitHub-Azure Active Directory sync
Build At its Build conference in Seattle on Monday Microsoft highlighted a handful of enhancements to its developer portfolio, including a preview of a pending browser-based development environment called Visual Studio Online (VSO).
VSO is distinct from Visual Studio 2019 (VS), Redmond’s full-featured integrated development environment for macOS and Windows, and Visual Studio Code (VSC), its lightweight source-code editor for Linux, macOS and Windows. VSO also differs from the fully-managed cloud development environments Microsoft offers through its Azure platform, though it will connect to hosted code spaces.
VSO, as Microsoft principal program manager Jonathan Carter explains in a blog post, is “a new web-based companion editor that compliments [sic] the Visual Studio family, and ensures you can work effectively from any device.”
It’s more or less VSC stripped of the Electron shell that makes it a freestanding application and shoehorned into a browser. VSO allows developers to connect to remotely hosted development environments and interact with source code files. It even supports IntelliCode and Live Share. Or it will be once they are available.
Scott Hanselman, Microsoft partner program manager, demonstrated the browser-based Visual Studio companion using an iPad Pro on stage during Microsoft’s cloud and AI EVP Scott Guthrie’s Build keynote.

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