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British singer slams American president while accepting royal honor


Blame Theresa May
This is a weekend of birthday celebrations for the Queen of England, though it is not her actual birthday. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is April 21, however, it is traditionally celebrated at the start of summer with a parade known as Trooping the Colour. As part of the traditional festivities, the Queen awards the Birthday Honours which grant various individuals appointment into national orders or award decorations and medals for service to the country. Queen Elizabeth or a representative present the awards.
We know that President Trump lives rent-free in the heads of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. While it is not unusual for a celebrity to make a political statement while accepting an award, that practice has really ramped up during President Trump’s first term. It has become the exception, not the rule, for an entertainment industry award show televised in America, for example, to come off without any sanctimonious political message being delivered by our betters in Hollywood or New York. Apparently, the same thing happens in the UK because when singer/songwriter Elvis Costello ( nee Declan MacManus) penned a statement on his website after he was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire he took the opportunity to randomly criticize President Trump.
I blame Prime Minister Theresa May. She nominated Costello for the honor. He, in turn, listened as his mother slammed May as he told her the news. His elderly mother, Lillian MacManus (Costello is 64 years old himself) is almost the same age as Queen Elizabeth and no fan of the prime minister. He told her that he didn’t plan to accept the award. Then his mother told him to shape up and do it.
Lillian is almost the same age as Her Majesty, so I regard myself as immensely fortunate that I am still able to seek her counsel. She suffered a severe stroke last year, just two days before my 64th birthday, but thanks to the prompt attention of an incredible NHS specialist ward and the sustained dedication and kindness of her home care team, she has recovered her wits and words to a truly remarkable degree.

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