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David Ortiz to Be Transferred to Boston After Shooting


Ortiz, who was shot in the back by a gunman in his native Dominican Republic Sunday night, had serious injuries but was stable enough to be transported, the Red Sox said.
David Ortiz, the former Boston Red Sox star, is expected to be flown to Massachusetts General Hospital late Monday, a day after he was shot in his native Dominican Republic, the team said during a news conference.
Ortiz, 43, spent six hours in surgery at the Abel Gonzalez clinic in Santo Domingo, according to his longtime assistant Leo Lopez, after he was shot by a gunman from close range at a club in East Santo Domingo on Sunday night. Doctors removed his gallbladder and part of his intestine during the operation. Although Ortiz sustained serious injuries, including damage to his liver, his condition was stable enough for him to be moved to a new hospital, Lopez said.
Ortiz was sedated but woke up late Monday morning and spoke briefly to his father and sister, Lopez said.
The Red Sox provided an air ambulance to transfer Ortiz to Boston, as his family preferred he recover there after his operation.

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