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Trump claims victory in tariff and immigration deal. But what did he win?


President Trump is hailing another deal he says he has extracted from a reluctant foreign government. But did Mexico really cede much, and what will change?
This is not the first time that President Trump, frustrated by his inability to curb a surge of migration from Central America, has threatened Mexico with drastic punishment only to back down.
In April, he vowed to close all or large parts of the southwest border to stop people and drugs heading north, an implausible ultimatum given the nearly one million legal crossings and billions of dollars of two-way trade every day. Days later he relented, claiming Mexico had stepped up its help.
Trump’s plan to impose escalating tariffs on Mexico was a more credible threat, but his announcement late Friday to “indefinitely suspend” the import taxes arguably produced a hollow victory. The two nations signed an agreement that even the president acknowledged was based partly on Mexico’s promises to take tougher action, but with few specifics.
“Mexico will try very hard, and if they do that, this will be a very successful agreement for both the United States and Mexico!” Trump tweeted Saturday.
The high drama of the last week, when high-level Mexican officials rushed to Washington for three days of intense closed-door talks and then inked a deal hours after Trump returned from Europe, left many in Congress and elsewhere wondering if the scramble represented Trump bluster, or wily deal-making.
The negotiations were tense at times, participants said, but both sides worked steadily in an effort to fine tune an acceptable compromise before Trump landed back in Washington. Hanging over their heads was the recognition that tariffs cut both ways, and a crippling trade war would ripple through both economies.
While Trump has insisted that Mexico would bear the brunt of escalating tariffs, most U.

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