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Xbox 2: Microsoft hints at next-gen ‘Scarlet’ hardware ahead of E3 2019


Ahead of E3, Microsoft has begun dropping hints about a potential ‘Scarlet’ hardware reveal at E3 2019. This week’s show could be a big one for Xbox.
Rumours thus far hint at two potential versions of Xbox 2. One will be a cheaper iteration focusing on streaming, with the other being a powerful, more traditional console to rival PS5 in terms of raw power. Obviously, take this with plentiful grains of salt for now.
According to Brad Sams, Scarlett encompasses a new family of Xbox devices designed around traditional hardware and streaming as a way of accessing a vast library of potential titles. Both of which are said to be planned for a 2020 release.
Fundamentally, the Xbox 2 is the successor to the Xbox One and will be the fourth generation of consoles from Microsoft.
Most of what we know about the upcoming hardware comes from Phil Spencer’s announcement at E3 2018, where interestingly he used the plural of the word “consoles”, indicating that Microsoft could launch more than one next-gen machine like it has done with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S?
In other words, it could be similar to what Apple does with its iPhone updates year after year, where it releases a premium ‘Plus’ model alongside a normal mainstream model.
The big question will be how the two consoles will differ. The Xbox One X and Xbox One S were released at a time when 4K TVs were still in the early stages of being adopted, so it made sense to have one model that ran games at 4K, and another that was better suited to 1080p TVs.
However, when the Xbox 2 is released, 4K TVs are likely to be much more commonplace, so it might not make sense to release a console that’s still limited to running games at Full HD.
At the moment, only Microsoft has answers to these questions.
That said, the release of the Xbox One X in 2017 has disrupted the usual release cycle.

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