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44 Things Under $35 On Amazon That Are Effing Amazing


It really isn’t all that often when you come across something that truly inspires you. I’m not talking about inspiration in the “motivational speaker” kind of way (or the quotes your aunt posts on social media).
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It really isn’t all that often when you come across something that truly inspires you. I’m not talking about inspiration in the “motivational speaker” kind of way (or the quotes your aunt posts on social media); I’m talking about products that are so clever and so well designed that you wish you had invented them — like all these things under $35 on Amazon that are totally effing amazing.
Of course, it’s not always easy come up with clever product ideas — but it’s simple to benefit from them (which is almost just as satisfying). For example, did you know that there’s a device that keeps a bottle of wine fresh for up to two weeks after opening it? I’m obsessed, because there’s nothing worse than pouring a single glass of pinot and then having to pour the rest of the bottle down the drain when you don’t finish it within the next few days.
And here’s the thing: You can stumble upon all kinds of brilliant products like this on Amazon, because — unlike a regular store — it’s packed with an endless number of products that were invented by people who just happened to get inspired. Now, you can to enjoy the amazing selections that they created.
Sit comfortably and support your back and spine with this memory foam seat cushion. The orthopedic cushion is designed to cradle your tailbone, improve your posture, and relieve aches and pains. Place it anywhere you need it — from your office chair to your car seat.
Keep your handbags protected from dust, scratches, and piles with this hanging purse organizer. The unit hooks right over your closet rod and features four compartments and six side pouches for clutches, purses, and totes. And since it’s made from breathable cloth, all of your purses shouldn’t smell stale after storage.
If you can’t finish a whole bottle of wine, just use one of these wine bottle stoppers to keep it fresh for up to 15 days. Simply place the stopper inside the neck of the bottle, and then pump the device to suck out the air and prevent oxidation. Made from food-grade silicone, the stopper it totally spill-proof and leakproof. That way, you can store the bottle horizontally.
This reusable notebook is truly the most fun invention, because it lets you create digital versions of your handwritten notes and drawings. Just use your phone to scan the QR code at bottom of each page, and then send it to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Slack. The notebook is filled with 36 wipe-clean pages that you can use again and again.
Whip up your own frozen treats when you fill these ice popsicle mold bags with chopped fruits and other ingredients (chocolate, anyone?) and freeze them until you’re in the mood for a chilly dessert. The set comes with 125 BPA-free bags and a convenient funnel for mess-free treat prep.
Keep an eye on things at home with this smart home security camera that livestreams to your phone. In fact, you can even control the camera from your phone — so you can pan, tilt, and turn the night vision on from wherever you are. The camera also alerts you within 12 seconds if it detects sound or motion, and then it stores recorded videos for 14 days in the cloud.
Do you want to save big money on cosmetics and skincare products? If so, get this skinny spatula. It can reach into narrow jars and bottle openings, so you can scrape the bottoms and sides and actually use every last drop of that expensive foundation, moisturizer, or serum. The set comes with two spatulas — large and small sizes — so you can keep one in your bathroom and one in the kitchen for getting out every last bit of peanut butter or ketchup.
Block out the light and fall asleep while listening to your favorite relaxing playlist with this Bluetooth sleep mask. The size-adjustable mask is so much comfier than earbuds — and features built-in earphones as well as play, pause, and volume controls on the side. The breathable cover is removable and machine washable.
Give your bedroom, home office, or living room a warm amber glow with these Himalayan string lights that promote peaceful, good vibes. The 5-foot string is USB-powered and features 10 pink salt rock lights. It currently boasts a 4.4-star rating — and one person wrote, “Soft, warm ambient glow. Strung them along headboard. Love the mood it sets.”
Spin-drying your lettuce is the fastest and easiest way to avoid a bummer of a wet salad. This collapsible salad spinner features a one-handed spinning mechanism, as well as an inner basket can that doubles as a colander. There’s even a 3-quart outer bowl that doubles as a serving bowl, which is convenient. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe and both bowls collapse flat for simple storage.
If you have sensitive skin, this charcoal soap is an amazing alternative to regular face wash. Thanks to the activated charcoal, it helps purify your complexion while preventing blemishes. Plus, the addition of shea butter helps prevent your skin from drying out. Skin-soothing and inflammation-fighting essential oils round out the ingredients, making it a great option.

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