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Ensuring The U. S. Is A Safe Haven For Hong Kongers


The U.S. should always do what it can, where it can, to preserve freedom around the globe. Extending safe haven to the Hong Kong people is just that.
The Hong Kong people’s future transformed dramatically over the last year. The hope emanating from 2019 pro-democracy protests has faded as Beijing continued to undermine its autonomy. The coup de grâcecame when theChinese Communist Party introduced and then passed the national security law that rendered Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems” model obsolete in key areas.
The U. S. rightfully responded by certifying to Congress that Hong Kong no longer merits treatment under U. S. law as separate from the mainland. Yesterday, the Trump administration rolled out a new executive order (EO) adding color to what its determination means by ending some areas of the preferential treatment received by Hong Kong vis-à-vis China. Areas affected include some export controls, law enforcement cooperation, and immigration matters.
One surprising element of the EO was a decision to “reallocate admissions within the refugee ceiling set by the annual Presidential Determination to residents of Hong Kong based on humanitarian concerns.” This is a positive first step toward ensuring that Hong Kongers in need of safe haven can find it in the U. S.
Countries around the globe have stepped up, recognizing the limited role they can play in alleviating the newfound suffering of the Hong Kong people.

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