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Remembering John Lewis, a Civil Rights Icon


Readers pay tribute to a man one calls “this nation’s conscience.”
To the Editor:
Re “John Lewis, Towering Figure of Civil Rights Era, Dies at 80” (nytimes.com, July 18):
Two great civil rights heroes died on Friday. One, of course, was Representative John Lewis, son of sharecroppers and a fearless apostle of nonviolence. The other was C. T. Vivian, a key adviser to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and also a brave disciple of nonviolence.
Both men endured physical assault. But neither man allowed his hurt to turn into hateful words or deeds.
Americans of all races and persuasions owe both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Vivian a profound debt of gratitude for risking their lives to help lead this nation toward liberty and justice for all.
May John Lewis and C. T. Vivian rest in peace. And may we do whatever we can to help achieve their still unfulfilled dream of racial justice, which must be our dream as well.

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