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These are the best Samsung Galaxy deals for July 2020


Following the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, we’ve put together this up-to-date list of the best deals to be found right now on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
If you’re shopping for a new smartphone, Android is still the most popular mobile software ecosystem globally, no matter how popular the iPhone is. Samsung has stood tall above the rest in the Android world for years. The first Samsung Galaxy smartphone launched in 2009. Since then, this Korean tech titan has largely remained at the top of the Android heap (increased competition from companies like Google notwithstanding). The flagship Galaxy devices are currently in their 11th generation with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 line being rolled out earlier this year, while the Note series is still going strong. Samsung is also bringing back the flip phone with unique new designs like the Galaxy Z Flip. But no matter what sort of Galaxy smartphone deals you’re after, there are always bargains to be found, and we’ve got them right here: Below, we’ve rounded up all the best Samsung Galaxy deals on current- and last-gen devices that can save you some serious cash. Apple seems to have started the recent trend of releasing three new flagship models each year (starting with the iPhone 8,8 Plus, and iPhone X in 2017), and Samsung jumped onto this train last year when it rolled out the budget-friendly Galaxy S10e along with the S10 and S10 Plus flagships. This year, Samsung changed that script a bit when it revealed its new Galaxy S20 line, which features two standard models — the 5G-capable Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus — along with a high-end premium device, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is a similar launch scheme to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, although considering that the S20 line was revealed early in 2020, we might still see a midrange Galaxy S10e successor later in the year (perhaps alongside some new Note phones). If you want to get your hands on one of these new flagships now, however, then they are not up for pre-order, and your best chance to score a Samsung Galaxy S20 deal is to take advantage of carrier offers, sign-up promos, and buy one, get one rebates. This is especially good for those looking to switch service providers, as carriers are always looking to attract new customers with enticing deals: Few of us could have guessed that we’d see the return of the flip phone, but unique new display technologies allowed company’s like Motorola and Samsung to bring this classic phone design back — with some big modern twists, naturally.Last year we saw the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which didn’t quite fare as well as we’d hoped (although we were impressed with its overall design), and at the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung rolled out the fascinating new Galaxy Z Flip. When deployed, the Galaxy Z Flip looks and feels much like a regular smartphone with its 6.

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