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What to expect when you're expecting to attend GDC Summer this week


GDC Summer starts tomorrow, and since this will be the first all-digital Game Developers Conference organizers want to quickly remind you what to
GDC Summer starts tomorrow, and since this will be the first all-digital Game Developers Conference organizers want to quickly remind you what to expect when you log on to attend!
Taking place Tuesday through Thursday, GDC Summer will have an expanded schedule that goes from 6 AM Pacific to 8:30 PM Pacific each day to better accommodate attendees in different time zones around the world.
That means you can look forward to both morning and evening sessions, separated by a long lunch break reserved for networking and special features. There will also be experiential events scheduled at the beginning and end of each day to jumpstart or wrap up your day at this unique digital event.
And don’t worry about disrupting your schedule to attend everything live; all live session broadcasts will immediately be archived on the event platform for on-demand access the week of GDC Summer, so you can create your own conference schedule.
Here’s what to expect from all the different options available to you when you attend virtually this week!
* Student Channel programming will only take place on Thursday, August 6
Sessions: GDC Summer sessions will be live broadcasts delivered by a single speaker or panel, with live speaker Q&A during the presentation. After their “first run” these sessions will be archived for on-demand access during and after the event.
Sponsored Sessions: These are your opportunity to hear from leading game technology companies firsthand about the latest products, tools, services, and techniques.
Student Channel: Learn from industry experts and professionals to help jump start your career through lectures, interactive sessions, and small-group discussion.
Community Channel Sessions: Taking place on the Community Channel and available to all pass holders, community channel sessions will address topics ranging from diversity to accessibility to quality of life within the realm of social advocacy in the game industry.

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