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Is Chipotle Open or Closed for Thanksgiving 2020?


Here is the latest news about Chipotle for Thanksgiving.
Getty Chipotle on Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re not wanting to cook as much today, you may be wondering if you can get food out from somewhere. Is Chipotle an option for your meal or for a snack later? Unfortunately, Chipotle is not open today. A representative from Chipotle confirmed with Heavy that the stores are closed for Thanksgiving. Chipotle is also closed on Christmas Day and it typically closes early on Christmas Eve. The stores are also typically closed on Easter Sunday. They often close a bit early on New Year’s Eve to kick off the New Year, but are open on New Year’s Day. But what are you going to do for Thanksgiving if Chipotle is closed? There are still many other options. For example, Whataburger is open on Thanksgiving if there is one in your region. And Cracker Barrel is open nationwide and serving holiday meals for those who don’t want to cook at home. As for Taco Bell, some stores may be open and some stores may be closed.

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