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The best Black Friday Razer deals for November 2021


If you’re a bargain-hungry gamer on the prowl for Razer deals, we’ve rounded up Razer Blade deals, Razer mouse deals, Razer keyboard deals, and more.
Razer is a brand that almost everybody recognizes, and it’s a name that’s synonymous with premium design, bleeding-edge hardware, and great performance. The company’s iconic triskelion snake’s head logo graces the likes of everything from gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets to beefy laptops, but the stuff doesn’t come cheap. Thankfully Black Friday Razer deals started early this year. The downside to that is how little product is available. Razer deals will likely get very slim before Christmas. That’s true for all Black Friday gaming PC deals. Amazon Black Friday deals are crushing it with Razer deals right now. We’re seeing significant discounts on monitors, keyboards, mice, controllers and headsets. Of course, many of these things have microchips in them, and the global microchip shortage is the whole reason Amazon started their Black Friday Razer deals early. So if you see something you like with a significant discount, you should go for it. Absolutely. The global microchip shortage is no joke. It will definitely affect product availability during the holidays. Even if the Black Friday Razer deals you want stick around until Thanksgiving, the shipping times will likely be astronomical. Last year, products purchased during Black Friday deals had estimated shipping times well past the new year.

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