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Australia to build data tool for tracking local workforce, skills, labour market needs


The demand for digital skills is widespread, but computing skills are what will become a major need, according to the government.
The federal government has announced a range of measures targeted at addressing workforce shortages, change from digital technology, and the increased uptake of flexible working arrangements. Among the measures is a new AU$10 million data tool that will look to provide real-time information about Australia’s regional and local area workforce, skills, and labour market, said Stuart Robert, the Minister responsible for Australia’s workforce. “Data at a regional level will provide us with a better picture of the supply and demand, assist with workforce planning and mean that both business and government will be able to focus on better matching of skills and training to local needs,” Robert said. He also announced that migrants already residing in Australia would be fast-tracked into jobs where there are skill shortages. The workforce minister said the federal government would allocate AU$20 million over the next four years for fast-tracking active skills assessments for occupations with skills shortages, waiving fees, and fast-tracking assessments for migrants in Australia that are yet to undergo a skills assessment.

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