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Here's how burnout can put the security of your organization at risk


Employees suffering from burnout aren’t following security guidelines and are much more likely to engage in shadow IT.
Perhaps the allure of working from home has worn off or employees are just finding themselves in a slump but across industries, workers are now reporting extraordinarily high burnout which puts them and the security of their organizations at risk. To better understand this burnout phenomenon,1Password has released its first State of Access benchmark report titled “ The Burnout Breach ”. The company behind the popular password manager surveyed 2,500 adults to learn more about how workforce burnout has opened businesses to attacks. 1Password found that trends such as remote and hybrid work, the “ Great Resignation ” and even significantly worse behavior by cybersecurity professionals are the driving forces behind this new threat to both business success and longevity. CEO at 1Password, Jeff Shiner provided further insight in a press release on how pandemic-fueled burnout is now a security risk to both small and large businesses, saying: “Pandemic-fueled burnout—and resultant workplace apathy and distraction—has emerged as the next significant security risk.

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