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Best Apple deals and sales for May 2022


We’ve rounded up the best Apple deals on Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks, as well as some must-have Apple accessories to pair with your new device.
We’re all aware of Apple’s vanguard role in the computer revolution, and maybe you’re even one of the fortunate people who got to use one of those iconic beige Macintosh computers yourself. In the modern wireless age, however, Apple is far more famous for its mobile devices. The Mac lineup is still loved by many (ourselves included), but whether it’s a MacOS laptop or one of the brand’s popular handheld gadgets, these products fall on the more expensive end of the price spectrum. But if you’re an Apple fan, then you know they’re worth the premium — and loving great design doesn’t mean you can’t love a great bargain. To help you find one, we’ve brought you a hand-picked selection of the best Apple deals right here:
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Apple made a lot of waves when the company started removing the 3.5mm wired headphone jack from its devices, but more than made up for it by releasing the AirPods — and kicking off the true wireless earbud revolution in the process. Since then, the AirPods have had a few updates, and the AirPods Pro are easily the best wireless earbuds Apple has released yet. They’re one of the company’s most popular products for a reason, and if you’re an Apple fan (meaning you probably use an iPhone and/or an iPad), they’re the earbuds for you. They’ve also been out for a couple of years, so deals on these popular earbuds always abound. If you’re on the fence between these and the standard AirPods (which were most recently refreshed with the third-gen AirPods in 2021), our recommendation is to go with the AirPods Pro if they’re within your budget. The sound quality is fantastic, the noise cancellation works well, and they’re comfortable in the ear. The AirPods Pro also come standard with a wireless charging case, which is something we want to see at this price point. But with this hot Apple deal knocking these true wireless earbuds down to less than $200 (which is actually the MSRP for the standard AirPods with wireless charging case), you can get some serious upgrades without paying nearly as much as you normally would. Why Buy
Smartwatches never became the next smartphones, but the Apple Watch is the one smartwatch that has managed to buck the trend and enjoy widespread popularity — in fact, it’s made Apple one of the largest watchmakers in the world. Apple updated its WatchOS-powered smart wearable last year, releasing the excellent-but-pricey new Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch Series 7 refined everything we loved about previous models, bringing the design to near perfection with great software, a vibrant always-on display, and an excellent set of health- and fitness-tracking features. The Series 7 sports a larger display than previous models, but doesn’t sit too large on the wrist as most of that screen increase comes from a sleeker case with slimmed-down bezels. That case is also noticeably more rugged than before. That’s useful since the Apple Watch Series 7 makes for a fantastic fitness tracker that you can take with you on your workouts, outdoor adventures, and virtually anywhere else. The WatchOS software is intuitive and enjoyable to use, with a helpful notification system that works well when synced with other devices. If you use and iPhone and/or and iPad, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the smartwatch to get, and it’s still a fantastic and full-featured wearable even if you don’t own any other Apple products. It’s not cheap, but ongoing Apple deals allow you to score one at a modest discount. Why Buy
Apple released a new iPad Mini in 2021, and aside from incremental hardware changes, the updated model isn’t really reinventing the wheel. That’s fine with us given how good these little tablets are and the value they provide, and there’s never really a bad time to score the new 8.3-inch iPad at a discount if you’re looking to get your mitts on this compact powerhouse as iPads go on sale fairly regularly. When this new iPad Mini 2021 model hit the market last year, our review team raved about its solid hardware performance (it packs the new A15 Bionic chip), great overall design, and solid build quality.

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