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Google quietly made one of the best laptops ever, and I want to see a follow-up at IO 2022


Google made one of the best laptops ever then seemingly gave up – that should change for IO 2022.
When you think of the companies pumping out the best laptops, you probably think of Apple, Dell, HP and maybe even Microsoft. However, one of my favorite laptops of recent years actually came from Google – the Pixelbook Go. This may come as a surprise to some people, as the company didn’t exactly shout about it at the time. While Google seems keener to push its software, such as Chrome and Android, or its Pixel range of smartphones, it was relatively subdued when it came to its Pixelbook range, which is a real shame. While the first Pixelbook was a bit of a strange experiment – a high-end, expensive Chromebook that nobody wanted, so nobody bought it, the Pixelbook Go was a delight. It had decent specs for a Chromebook, which meant it was nice and fast, while being a lot more affordable than the original (and quite a bit cheaper than MacBooks or Ultrabooks). It had one of the best keyboards on a laptop as well, which made typing on it a real joy. Best of all, its battery kicked ass, easily outlasting more expensive laptops, and you could close it and leave it for a few days, and it would still have plenty of battery life, something Windows laptops just couldn’t compete with.

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