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Hello! Welcome back to our regular feature where we write a little bit about some of the games we’ve found ourselves pl…
12th of August, 2022
Hello! Welcome back to our regular feature where we write a little bit about some of the games we’ve found ourselves playing over the last few days. This time: donuts, imps, and stealth Destiny.
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here’s our archive. Donut County, Xbox Donut County trailer.
Donut County is a game about controlling a sink hole. You move around encouraging parts of the landscape to fall into it, and over time the hole gets bigger so you can encourage bigger things to fall into it.
This is deeply pleasing. Donut County obeys the Katamari rules of escalation – incrementally you get to work on a bigger scale, so while you start with rocks and grass and tins, by the end you’re swallowing the Griffith Park Observatory.
My favourite part of the game is probably the material change that comes over things once you’re big enough to damage them. Things are heavy and fixed at first, but once you’re a hole to be reckoned with they become bouncy and knockabout, like plastic tubs.
Donut County’s a wonderful puzzler with some intricate late-game stuff. And I’ve discovered this week that it’s impossible to see it on a telly without being drawn in.
Chris Donlan Among Us, Xbox Among Us trailer.
Among Us’ language entered our house before the game did. My daughter was suddenly talking about things being sus, and accusing us of being the imp. This went on for weeks, and then we started to play and it all makes sense.
This is one of those massive games that had completely passed me by. My daughter watched videos about it and chatted to friends in the playground – I think they even played a bit of live action Among Us. But now we have it on Xbox, we’re all transfixed.
You know the deal by now, I’m sure: if you’re innocent you knock about the map doing your jobs and trying to stay alive. If you’re the imposter, you try to look innocent while isolating people and then murdering them when nobody’s looking.
Regular meetings – sometimes triggered by the discovery of bodies – encourage you to vote on who might be the impostor. We are very bad at getting this right in our house. But the best bit of the game – the part with the most mystery and pathos – is when whoever got the most votes disappears out the airlock and into space.
Chris Donlan Destiny 2, Xbox

Watch on YouTube Destiny 2.
Out of all Destiny 2’s seasonal events, Solstice is by far my favourite. Perhaps because it lands during the quiet summer release period, allowing myself to sink into Destiny 2 guilt free, or that I’m a sucker for new glowing armour sets, but Solstice is one of the few Destiny 2 grinds I become fully invested in.

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