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Arizona's Maricopa County Certifies Election Amid Opposition


—The consensus among the nearly 200 voters waiting in the cold outside the Maricopa Board of Supervisors conference center in Phoenix on Nov. 28 was that the midterm general election was, at best, a “mess.”
“I’m here because the Constitution is not being upheld,” said Leslie Shepherd of Arizona.
As a poll worker and registered Independent, Shepherd said she saw many frustrated voters who couldn’t immediately cast their ballot on election day.
Shepherd then stood atop a cement wall waving a flag and a sign demanding the board set a new election date.
She called upon those who came to oppose the board’s canvass of the election to ensure the integrity of the Constitution and their right to vote.
Despite passionate public comments and pleas for a new election, the board voted 5-0 for approval of the election results, ushering in new Democratic leadership under Governor-elect Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state.
Before the vote, board members criticized “misinformation” about the election while congratulating county officials for running the nation’s most secure and transparent election.
“I feel like it’s incredibly premature [to certify the election],” Shepherd told The Epoch Times. “They don’t care that they did not uphold the election process.”
Kathy of Maricopa County said she thought Maricopa County should wait to certify the election until all counties did the same.
As of Nov. 29, Cochise County still needed to certify its election. The county’s board of supervisors will review additional information on Dec. 2.
In the meantime, several Republican candidates have filed lawsuits calling into question Maricopa County’s handling of the election involving widespread election equipment failure.
“I am against the certification. They need to wait until all the counties are in,” Kathy, a Maricopa County voter, told The Epoch Times.

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