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5 TV shows in February you need to watch


February means winter is almost over, and it’s the perfect time to watch one of these new (Hello Tomorrow!) and returning (Star Trek: Picard) shows.
Every month, all the top streaming services come out with exciting new shows. Some are more high-profile than others (think The Last of Us), while others fly under the radar ,but are worth watching. Whatever mood you might be in, whether it’s romantic because of Valentine’s Day, hopeful with the end of winter in sight, or stressed out as you delve full force into the New Year, February is a great month for sitting back, relaxing, and checking out a new show.
Next comes the question: What is there to watch that’s new? From exciting new shows that might end up becoming your new favorites to popular returning shows, February has plenty of great content to consider.
Yoy won’t want to miss the first part of the fourth season of You this month. Penn Badgley returns as the troubled, yet also painfully charming Joe Goldberg. The serial killer finds the oddest, most twisted ways to justify his killings, which are always rooted in obsession over whatever woman has caught his eye this time. In season 4, that’s initially Marienne, who believed she escaped his clutches by moving to Paris. But Joe can’t be stopped that easily. Now posing as a professor, but still wearing his signature baseball cap disguise whenever he’s stalking his prey, Joe is seemingly falling, once again, into the same obsessive trap when he spots another attractive woman.
Season 4 may simply be repeating the same storylines in a new setting. But Joe’s compulsions and repetitive behaviors are precisely what makes the premise of You both believable (in some ways) and thrilling. What’s more, this season, Joe finds himself the hunted as much as he is the hunter, as someone appears to be taunting him amid the investigation of a string of murders.

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