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Microsoft Radically Improving Search In Cooperation With OpenAI, Dubbing It 'The New Bing'


Microsoft is overhauling a number of its products, including Bing and the Edge browser. Key to the transformation is Bing Chat, a new AI-powered chatbot.
By now, you’ve probably heard ad nauseam about the rise of artificial intelligence. Once the watercooler topic of geeky tech enthusiasts, the conversation about AI has exploded in recent months thanks to the release of tools like ChatGPT, which greatly advanced the scope of what a chatbot is capable of.
Unlike hyper-specialized offerings such as Jasper.ai and Wolfram Alpha, this consumer-oriented implementation takes all of the best individual capabilities of today’s most powerful AI services and combines them into one powerful tool. To offer a metaphor of its efficacy for a broad audience, it’s like if Anthony Bourdain were to buy all of the best ingredients from each corner of the world and boiled them down into a hearty stew, and all you have to do is show up to the restaurant and eat.
ChatGPT (and the language model it’s built on) is still in its infancy, and it certainly has a huge bucket of issues to sort out. However, shortly after Google’s announcement earlier this week of Bard, a new conversational chatbot based on its own LaMDA-powered language learning model, Microsoft quickly shook its gloves off in a heart-stopping warning shot that its biggest rival won’t be monopolizing our artificially intelligent future.
At a private event held at the company’s Redmond headquarters today, Microsoft invited OpenAI on stage to announce a partnership that will bring us “The New Bing,” a reimagined search experience that builds on the success of ChatGPT and similar AI-powered tools.

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