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Superfuse Preview (PC)


A tedious romp through an undead-infested future
Developed by Dutch studio Stich Heads Entertainment, Superfuse introduces players to a futuristic world in which some of the richest humans attained godhood status by gaining immortality. Humanity’s new gods spearheaded humanity’s colonization of other planets. However, the rest of the people have become slaves of a society ruled by megacorporations, which led to massive rebellions throughout the galaxies.
This is when the Corruption appears, a strange plague that infects humans and turns them into undead. No one knows where it comes from or if it’s controlled by someone, and the game isn’t clear about that either. We do know that the god have created the Enforcers to fight the Corruption and save the humanity from total annihilation.
Enhanced humans packed with cyberware, the Enforcers eventually manage to stop the Corruption from spreading, so they are now becoming the gods’ bodyguards. In Superfuse, you play as one of the many Enforcers send on various planets to fight the Corruption and save local colonies.
There are three classes available in the game at the moment, each corresponding to a different playstyle: Elementalist, Berserker, and Technomancer.

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