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Four reasons Rescue can be your remote support champion


When it comes to finding a remote support software, you need to get these four things right.
Finding the right remote support platform for your business can be tricky. There’s no shortage of options available, each offering their own features which may or may not be helpful to you in the long run.
So what should you be looking for in a remote solution? Here are four key features all organizations should consider non-negotiable when deciding which remote support software to invest in.It should be cloud based
While on-premise and perpetual licences still have their place, when it comes to remote support solutions you should be looking for something that’s cloud-based.
It’s worth taking a moment to assess what this actually means. When we talk about something being “cloud based”, often in our heads this equates to “not on-premise” or “not perpetual license”, but there’s more to it than that. Some remote support vendors will try to sell you a “cloud based” solution that’s actually a hosted product, meaning that while it’s not running on your hardware it’s not in the public cloud either. Instead, the vendor is hosting it in their data center.
This isn’t inherently a bad thing, but it means you won’t get the benefits of scalability, flexibility and speed that come with a true cloud-based solution.
Rescue is a true cloud solution, running on one of the biggest and most well established public clouds available, AWS. This means there’s no worries about things like hardware maintenance or having enough memory on the support technician’s computer, plus uptime will be over 99.9%.It should be easy to use (for everyone)
The last thing anyone needs in a remote support situation is for the platform to be complex, confusing or difficult to use. Indeed, from the perspective of both the person requesting support and the IT support professional, it should be quick and intuitive to use.
For the support technician, it’s important to have everything available in one place, from establishing a remote access session to running diagnostics, transferring files and more.

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